A documentary game

by James Bulvanoski

Second Build: Digital Diarama #2

February 3, 2011 by bo1v | 0 comments


For my second Unity build I decided to focus on going deep within one area of “space time”.

For this second Digital Diarama, I expanded the sense of psycographic space by filling the skybox and allowing the player to explore beyond the “inner kettle”.

The result was a kind of mixed interior and exterior space, that was more immersive than the first build.

Click here to download Build Two.

Download for Mac

Download for PC


First Build: Digital Diarama #1

January 25, 2011 by bo1v | 0 comments


For my first Unity build, I made a digital environment using found photos that were captured at the event.

Starting from the center of my spatial re-construction plan, and keeping in mind the following design question; “What would it be like to be there?” – I decided to focus on the center point of my psychogeography.

At the center of my psychogeographic space was fire, so I re-created my perceived sense of time at that place, through a kind of kettled presence where the player would be immersed in the space.

The result was a digital diarama.

Download this Diarama here:

Download for Mac

Download for PC