A documentary game

by James Bulvanoski

The Coming Insurection


The book points to the late 2000s financial crisis, and environmental degradation as symptoms of capitalism‘s decline.

The book is divided into two parts. The first attempts a complete diagnosis of the totality of modern capitalist civilization, moving through what the Invisible Committee identify as the “seven circles” of alienation: “selfsocial relationswork, theeconomy, urbanity, the environment, and to close civilization”.[2] The latter part of the book begins to offer a prescription forrevolutionary struggle based on the formation of communes, or affinity group-style units, in an underground network that will build its forces outside of mainstream politics, and attack in moments of crisis – political, social, environmental – to push towards anti-capitalist revolution. The insurrection envisioned by the Invisible Committee will revolve around “the local appropriation of power by the people, of the physical blocking of the economy and of the annihilation of police forces”.[2]

Here’s a link to the PDF

And watch to the end of this video for more video of the December 2010 Student Riots in London

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