A documentary game

by James Bulvanoski


RiotLeak is a game that documents the December 2010 student protest in

London, UK. In RiotLeak, you play the role of a photojournalist charged with

documenting the protest. As a photojournalist, you will re-enact key events

related to the student protestors use of social media, and experience how social

media is changing the way we protest.

The project challenges the traditional definition of documentary practice in

cinema and games. The game takes an innovative approach to ART, mixing

actual photos of the event with familiar icons that have been detoured and

recuperated. And unlike traditional documentaries (which are time based),

RiotLeak creates a spatiotemporal experience where players experience time via

spatial stories.

RiotLeak will be released for PC and Mac download or in-browser play on December 10, 2011.

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